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Every cut and color comes with a shampoo, scalp & neck massage, and style.

Call for special rates and promotions!


Prices vary depending on your stylist and your hair (not all hair is the same) so please confim the price with your stylist. Prices listed below are all starting prices.

Hair Care Services
Womans cut $45-$55
Mens cuts $28
Bang Trims (One free between your hair color)$7.00
Beard trims$10
Keratin Treatments$75 to $250
Foils$125 & Up
Balayage & Ombré color starts at$150
Colors$75 & Up
Shampoo, Flat Iron, or Curls$45
Perms$75 & Up
Wedding updo and makeup packages are availableCall for consultation

Skin Care Services
Make-Up Application
Makeup applications and consultations are free with purchase of $25 or more in product.
Includes Red light therapy treatment.
Starts at $85
Dermaplaning $95
Anti-Aging $85
Spray Tans (Ephrata Salon Only) Starts At $40
Hard Wax Hair Removal
Brows $20.00
Lips $10.00
Other waxing available upon request.

Salon Daidree Client Release Form
(Must be signed by all new clients with chemical corrective service)


Monday - Friday 11:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.
Quench Your Hair's Thirst
Choose Your Cocktail

These are available half price in combination with a regular priced salon hair service. Exclusions: weekends, holidays, and the months of July and August. Full priced. If you purchase any of the products used on your hair for conditioning treatments, then you get the service for free. 25% off products that continue to help your hair after the service.

Blonde Treatments

Brighten your blonde. Get ready for brilliant blonde with one of our signature cocktails.

  1. Blonde Bomb Shell - $10
    Oplex - a deep conditioner on steroids. It strengthens hair strands and closes cuticle to eliminate frizz.
  2. Golden Blonde Ale - $35
    Kera Balance cellophane - using Blondeshell Purple Shampoo and Conditioner or biolage foils with flat iron presses in 10mins.
  3. Lemon Drop Sugar Shine Shot - $15
    Vital Shot Mega Gloss Treatment - Sugar Scrub - Lemon adds volume - Biolage Sugar Shine Shampoo and Conditioner.
  4. Blonde Moment - $10
    Normalizer EC Mode - Power Beads - Removes build-up and restores blonde color using Blondeshell purple shampoo and conditioner.

Bodifying Treatments

This is a cocktail with high definition, rockstar style hair with texture and lots of body.

  1. Vodka Whip - $30
    High Amplify Mouse Round Brush Blow Out.
  2. Tasseled Tequila Sun-rinse - $45
    Mouse - Texture spray or oil, Round Brush Blow Dry, curl, wave, or scrunch natural curls with low heat.
  3. Bodifying Bellini - $55
    Pravana Keratin Blow Out Flat Iron or Instyler (curled ends).
  4. Bad Habit - Free
    Restyle and try something new to get you out of your old bad habits, onto a new - Pomade and texture products that add tasseled and tossed new hair. **Free extra for trying something new! Includes before and after pictures (posted on webpage or printed out for you).

Curly Coffees

Get ready for defrizzed long-lasting curls or straighten them out for a sleek smooth look for a change.

  1. B52 - $125 & up
    Step treatment to clarify and condition. Advanced glycolic smoothing treatment - eliminates frizz in curls without straightening.
  2. Bouncy Breve - $50
    Pravana Curl Keratin (green packet) - Keep your curls lasting longer. Increases shine and moisture. Creates new curls or enhances existing.
  3. Hot Buttered Rum - $20
    Hot conditioner with a heat cap - oil treatment or straighten frizzy, curly, or coarse hair.
  4. Mudd Slide - $45 (depending on hair)
    Sleek out and smooth your curls with a mud mask, heat, blow dry, and flat iron. Permanent straightening system lasts 6 months or Express semi straighten lasts 3 months.

Keratin Treatments

This smoothing therapy is guaranteed to leave your hair feeling more healthy from root to tip.

  1. Keratin Cosmo - $75
    Keratin smoothing - blow out treatment - straight or curly.
  2. Silky Smooth Sangria - $75 or $125
    Extra smoothing Keratin treatment Keratin Express: Strengthens ends, speeds up blow dry time, mends ends, adds fullness and shine.``
  3. Sparkling Mineral Water - $20
    Clarifying treatment - removes build up from well water, swimming pool chlorine, as well as cheap products.
  4. Kamakazie - $45
    Kera Glaze - Pravana smoother and color lock. UVA & UVB protection. Eliminates frizz up to 6 shampoos, leaves hair stronger, and helps growing.

Moisturizing Treatments

Get ready for perfectly hydrated hair with your choice of our cocktails.

  1. Sex on the Beach Cellophane - $40
    High Gloss Treatment Seals your color and split ends. Tone or add shine with the color shot.
  2. Dry Hair Daiquiri - $15
    Glycerin mask for added conditioning 15 minutes under heat.
  3. Moisturizing Martini - $15
    Deep conditioner or oil with heat cap.
  4. Miracle Mojito - $10
    Wash with Keratin Color Care shampoo and conditioner Keratin deep conditioner Miracle mouse.

Textured Treatments

Rock your high-definition texture with our signature cocktails.

  1. Stassled Tequila Sun-rinse - $50
    Pravana Keratin SmoothBody and texture or 10 minutes with foils and flat iron.
  2. Textured Tornado - $10
    Texture Matrix shampoo and conditioner and Sugar spray texture spray.
  3. Tropical Breeze - $10
    Round brush blowout style by the instyler roller brush. Gives hair bounce and body includes, $5 off face wax.
  4. T.L.C - $15
    Fiberstrong - reinforces hair and leaves it protected and fortified. Fiberstrong Biolage treatment.
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