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My name is Daidree Black and I have been a salon owner since 2004. I thank Jesus for blessing me and giving me the opportunity of having my own business to use for God's Glory and to bless others and serve those around me. I try to be available as much as I can, but also I love to be available to spend time with my family.

At Salon Daidree we employ a professional, experienced, full service staff, to give you a full service experience. You may request your preferred stylist when you call and make your appointment.

Daidree Black
Daidree BlackStylist & Cosmetologist
Waxing & Esthetician
Hair, Makeup & Colorist

Bayalage and Ombre specialist
Hair Extensions

Maggie Cristiansen
Maggie ChristiansenStylist & Cosmetologist
Waxing, Colorist, & Scalp Massage.

Salon Daidree is a 4 station salon with 3 hair stylists. We are a small and intimate salon where you can let loose and have fun-be silly and laugh with us you will get full treatment during any chemical service, we offer complimentary coffee, tea, cider, hot chocolate, water and snacks as our thanks to you to make your experience as enjoyable as we can!

We specialize in color techniques such as foiling, ombres, bayalages and even corrective colors. We specialize in this new line of makeup called SeneGence. I am an independent distributor and consultant. Love the makeup, great for weddings and outings, lasts all day, and it may be makeup but it's also anti-aging skincare at the same time! Come try this product for Free.
Check it out at

We want others to feel good about themselves. I love doing makeup and hair and educating my clients about their skin and hair care needs. We are a one-stop shop, we have all your hair care needs, clip-in flowers for the hair, jewelry & accessories, plus hair extensions - many choices to choose from including clip-in, glue-in, weave, etc. All accessories great for dances or weddings, or just the new look. We do Seahawk colors and all the temporary colors such as, pink, blue, green, purple, yellow, and pastels. (also see 'Services' for all we offer).

Products we use and are known for are our Loma products. They are great and natural for hair and skin, no parabens or sulfites or gluten or formaldehydes, all organic. You'll love this line! Keratin Complex is another, its eliminates all frizz adding the protein your hair is lacking back in the cuticle. Check more out on this by clicking on the "Keratin Complex" link under "Products" and just to mention a few more great lines for your hair is 'Biolage/Matrix, a cleansing conditioner, it's compared to WEN Hair product. Great, leaves no build up and really cleanses hair, all natural.

Come visit us at Salon Daidree your one stop place. Where we are beauticians Not magicians... but we try. We just focus on making Beauty possible one person at a time!